Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Japanese Calligraphy

Japanese calligraphy is an 
artistic form of writing that shares its roots with Chinese calligraphy, and many of its principles and techniques are very similar. It is most often written with ink on washi paper, and it recognizes the same basic writing styles. 
Japanese calligraphy has three basic styles: kaisho, gyousho and shusho. 

Kaisho - block style with few movements.
Gyousho - median style that is not as stiff as kaisho or as sweeping as sousho.
Shousho - flowing style composed with swift strokes. 

Japanese calligraphy is given merit not only for its style, beauty and meaning, but also for the character of the calligrapher. 

From the descriptions above, can you determine which one of these is kashio, gyousho and shousho?

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